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A F M Advance Training International is one of the few sparkles professional dental and medical (Health Sectors) consultancy providers. It has been based in Dubai-UAE since 2010. Our philosophy in the company is to establish a specialized and professional foundation that provides; All types of high tech Healthcare advance consultancies, in the services offered for the healthcare sector in the arena, such as; Academic Training programs & Exhibitions, Healthcare corporates, and individuals support and professional consultancy, and the international integration with the top healthcare organizations, sectors and academic institutions. Our services provide a solid structure and comprehensive solutions for all the needful inquiries and demands of our precious clients from the healthcare sector. On behalf of the A F M Advance Training International, I would like to welcome you all, to take a part in our gathering under the roof of this foundation, as:

”Together We Serve!”

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Many Ideas

Playing an essential role in upgrading the health care sectors to the High-tech possible advanced professional level, based on the consultancies’ academical’ and practical expertise.

Assure the concept of the Professional Training Consultancy in all Levels. Assure the concept of health care product support under professional Consultancy pathways. Health care groups and individual’s consultancy and support, through the ever possible meetings points. Integrating the Local and International health care sectors expertise.

A F M Advance Training International became, well Known in UAE region with excellent sparkle reputation and a data base covering the UAE, Gulf and Middle East arena -Dental sectors- (Dental Deptts.’MOH, HAAD and DHA”, Governmental sector, Universities, Hospitals and Private Clinics).